“What happens if my horse needs veterinary care while I am out of town?”

Jennifer L. Wright, DVM

This “Ask The Vet” topic is not medical in nature, however it addresses a very important and frequently posed question.  In addition to arranging daily routine care for your horse while you are out of town, it is crucial to prearrange a strategy for providing veterinary care should the need arise.   Following is a checklist that you may use to ensure that your horse is taken care of promptly and per your wishes, even if you are not able to be contacted.  Please provide the information below to the Three Oaks Equine Veterinary Services office in writing before you leave for your trip:

  1. The dates that you will be out of town
  2. The best phone numbers to try to reach you with
  3.  Name and contact information for the person(s) authorized to make medical decisions about your horse should you not be able to be contacted
  4. Specific wishes or guidelines regarding your horse’s medical care (i.e. care not to exceed $1000 vs. unlimited care, no surgery vs. perform any treatment necessary to preserve life and limb, etc.)
  5. Provide a credit card to be placed on file (you may place specific monetary limits on the credit card that will not be exceeded while you are traveling—see #4)
  6. Any other important information that may be pertinent to your horse’s medical care, such as recent unusual behavior or changes in routine, special feed instructions or supplements
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“Do you think they remembered to call the vet’s office”?

It is certainly very worrisome when equine medical emergencies arise, and a veterinarian from Three Oaks Equine Veterinary Services will do everything possible to contact you immediately.  However, it should be comforting to know that your horse will be taken care of promptly and according to your care guidelines even if you are not able to be reached.