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The (Hidden) Truths about Non-Veterinarian Administered Vaccines

Dr. Jennifer L. Wright Recently, the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) polled horse owners and trainers across the country and found that 50% of horse owners and trainers gave their horses at least some vaccines themselves over the past year, with 23% giving all of them.   Which type of owner is more likely to… Read more »

3rd Facebook Trivia Contest!

WIN COOL PRIZES FOR SPRING! (Total Est. Value of Grand Prize $350) Three Oaks Equine Veterinary Services, PLLC and Merck Animal Health are proud to announce and co-sponsor their third Facebook Trivia Contest!  We guarantee a fun experience and exciting prizes just for participating and the chance to be our Grand Prize winner.  As promised,… Read more »

2014 Holiday Card Contest Finalists!

All of us at Three Oaks Equine Veterinary Services want to thank all the participants for sharing their great winter and holiday equine moments in our 2014 Holiday Card Contest.  We had an awesome selection of photos to choose from!  Additionally, we would like to send out a huge thank you to our judge, nature photographer and farrier… Read more »

2014 Holiday Card Contest

  We Want Your Photos! Let the Three Oaks Equine Veterinary Services’ 2014 holiday card contest commence!  We want to invite all of you to enter your equine holiday or winter themed photos for a chance to win the spot on our holiday card.  Only one photo will be featured as our annual 2014 holiday… Read more »

New treatment for Navicular Syndrome

Dechra Veterinary Products LLC has released a new FDA approved medication for the treatment of Navicular Syndrome in horses. The product, called Osphos, is a bisphosphonate medication that affects systemic bone metabolism. The medication inhibits bone resorption thereby decreasing the boney degeneration seen in navicular syndrome. The medication is administered as an intramuscular (IM) injection…. Read more »

The Scuppy Chronicle: A Brief Overview of One Horse’s Mischief and What it Means for Virginia

Julia A. Childrey, Esq. The case’s origins are innocent enough: The Astriab family owned a farm and sold plants and produce and they also boarded horses.  On one day in particular, a father, after a buying a plant from the farm, walked over to a horse’s paddock with his young son.  One horse, Scuppy, ambled… Read more »

“I have heard NEVER worm a foal before 5 months of age but so many are worming many times before that age. What is the correct worming protocol for a baby?”

Jennifer L. Wright, DVM That is a great question, Debbie, because the parasite protocol for foals differs greatly from that recommended for adult horses for 2 primary reasons:  1) the foal’s immune system needs to be allowed to safely mature and develop crucial antibodies against parasites in a controlled manner, and 2) the targeted group… Read more »