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2015 Holiday Hours

Days the office will be closed: Thanksgiving November 26, 2015 November 27, 2015 Christmas December 24, 2015 December 25, 2015  New Years December 31, 2015 January 1, 2016 Emergency As always Three Oaks Equine Veterinary Services is open for emergency paging  and calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Call (804) 784-7106 and… Read more »

“I am hosting a barrel racing clinic in a few weeks, and riders and horses of varying levels of experience are participating. One participant mentioned to me that her horse has dropped in performance from the 2D level of competition to 4D, but she doesn’t think that he seems overtly lame. I know that we do performance evaluations on my horses to determine if they need any joint injections or other therapies to maintain their top form. I mentioned to her that she may want to ask her veterinarian to do a soundness evaluation on him to see if he needs his hocks injected, or other diagnostics or treatment. Can you speak to my group about joint injections and how to tell if your horse needs them?”

Jennifer L. Wright, DVM A:  For those not familiar with this sport, barrel racing is a speed event in which a horse and rider attempt to complete a specific cloverleaf pattern around barrels placed in a triangular pattern in the fastest time.  Quarterhorse, Appendix Quarterhorse and Thoroughbreds are the predominate breed(s) used, and their ages… Read more »

Through the Veterinarian’s Eyes

Dr. Denise Gorondy The job of an equine veterinarian is so dynamic. As far as jobs go it is enjoyable, involves hard work, provides opportunity to meet horses and individuals of all backgrounds, and every day is a different adventure. Your Three Oaks Equine Veterinary Services veterinarians strive very hard to make every visit with… Read more »

Systemic Equine Joint Therapy: Choosing Wisely

Jennifer L. Wright, DVM Adequan, Legend, MAP-5, Acetyl-D-Glucosamine, Pentosan, Polyglycan…as a horse owner, you have probably heard these names a million times.  You also probably recognized them as products that are used in the prevention and treatment of equine articular, or joint, diseases.  Numerous articles and advertisements extol the virtue of dozens of different joint… Read more »

“I am riding an experienced show jumper that has just recently arrived at our barn. He comes with a history of sacroiliac joint issues. I’m not familiar with this problem and want to make sure we are managing him well. What would you recommend?”

Denise A. Gorondy, DVM A: The sacroiliac joint of the horse is a very important part of the equine musculoskeletal system. The sacroiliac joint is located in the pelvic region of the horse and connects the pelvis to the sacral portion of the vertebral column. The sacroiliac region consists of a joint and multiple ligaments…. Read more »

Grand Prize Winner of the Spring Facebook Trivia Contest!

Congratulations, Sandy Sandell, Grand Prize Winner of the Spring 2015 Quarterly Facebook “Common Injuries and Ailments” Trivia Contest, sponsored by Three Oaks Equine Veterinary Services and Merck Animal Health!!! Look at what she’s won! $100 Gift Certificate for services provided by Three Oaks Equine Veterinary Services Customized Weatherbeeta Airflow Detach-A-Neck Fly Sheet Customized Coolmesh Ear Net Fly Armor… Read more »