New Reporting Requirements for USEF Competition Horses Administered Depo-Provera!

By: Jennifer Wright, DVM, IVCAUSEF

The new medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA, or commonly known as “Depo”) disclosure reporting requirements can be a bit mystifying so here is the quick and easy (effective 9/7/17):

  1. An MPA Disclosure Form must first be filled out that includes the date and dose of ALL administrations within the previous 90 days.
  1. Next, an additional MPA Disclosure Form must be filled out for each new administration.
  1. MPA Disclosure Forms may be filed electronically at or printed from the US Equestrian website at and filed directly at the competition office.
  1. No definitive time period has been determined for the filing of MPA Disclosure Forms, so continue to file a new form for each administration until further notice.
  1. No other medications are to be listed on the same form (a separate Medication Report Form should be filed for all other medications).