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Q: A good friend of mine from out of the state wants to bring her retiring performance horse gelding to my farm for boarding. The horse is an off the track Thoroughbred that previously competed quite successfully in the hunters. He is used to being stalled for a significant portion of the day but at my farm will live on full turnout in a large pasture with access to a run in shed. The current farm veterinarian was recently out for his fall wellness visit and on oral examination diagnosed the gelding with EOTRH. I’m not familiar with this disease. Will the gelding be able to retire to my farm as described? Meghan L.

“I am hosting a barrel racing clinic in a few weeks, and riders and horses of varying levels of experience are participating. One participant mentioned to me that her horse has dropped in performance from the 2D level of competition to 4D, but she doesn’t think that he seems overtly lame. I know that we do performance evaluations on my horses to determine if they need any joint injections or other therapies to maintain their top form. I mentioned to her that she may want to ask her veterinarian to do a soundness evaluation on him to see if he needs his hocks injected, or other diagnostics or treatment. Can you speak to my group about joint injections and how to tell if your horse needs them?”